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5 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation Over Traditional Marketing

A great marketing team is powered with the best software tools available. According to your marketing goals, the outreach will boost exponentially with the use of these tools. However, if your goal does not need you to reach a bulk audience but to do some customization for each person on a small scale traditional marketing is preferable.

Consider the quality and quantity of your marketing efforts. If you want to reach out to a specific group of thousands of people or businesses, go for automation. If you still want to explore the quantity of exactly how many, LIMI Inc. can help you with certain tools that can reach your target audience and even help you customize your marketing as per the audience.

At every stage of your business, LIMI Inc. helps you with every marketing effort. Distinctive campaigns run that are customized to the requirements of the sales funnel.

Five major elements :

  • Prospecting:
  • Running a magnetic prospecting campaign needs careful planning. Socialization with your product or service along with your unique selling point works well with the prospects. Marketing automation allows you to get more and more creative with your content unlike traditional marketing that just spends more of your time towards data and results management.

  • Sales:
  • Keeping the data and count of customers coming in the system is done with a dedicated CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software. It has confidential information of a customer like, email, phone, address, last contact date.

  • Onboarding:
  • The user needs to know how your product or service works. And how can they get started with using it. This campaign for customer FYI.

  • Engagement and Retention:
  • User needs to keep updated with the latest features of your products and services. They may engage with contests or giveaways on social media, emails, calls and websites. Also, they want to engage with your brand at physical locations. Marketing automation with cover the former.
    An unhappy customer or a customer no longer needing the service or products wants to leave. However, when you make certain campaigns that drive customer engagement, customer retention is the resultant of the same.

Marketing Automation Traditional Marketing
>1) Time saving: Less manpower needed to do the work, as it is carried out using software. More accurate and distinct results. Saves a lot of time. API integration saves data import export time. 1) Time consuming: Many people needed when no. of campaigns are more and high volume of data to be managed. Consumes a lot of time to manually do the tasks.
2) Easy to manage: Easy to use interface helps the user do a lot with a lot less. 2) Difficult to manage: Relatively, when the volume of data to be managed increases, then it will get complicated to manage.
3) More possibilities: Easy to track the analytics with accuracy 3) Less possibilities : Not easy to track the results and extract the analytics with accuracy. Analytics is not available at one place but can be also done manually.
4) Automatic Data Backup: Data backup for prospects, nurtured leads, customers is done on the cloud with privacy features. 4) Manual Data Backup: Creating a manual data backup is time consuming. Data backup management is complicated with bigger chunks of data.
5) Better Data security: Data remains secure with the strict data policies 5) Data leakage: Manual data management has high vulnerability.

Tools are there to ease your life. Make the most of them to increase scalability and keep up to date with the latest ones. Technology is to serve every business. Traditional marketing is not going to remain the solution for long considering the global economic situation.

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